Installing and configuring building automation for a high rise building makes it easier for the service provider company to manage a residential or commercial building, and it also caters to the service needs of the residents.

These automation systems may cover, electricity, heating, water supply, air conditioning, ventilation, security alarm, access control systems, internet service, cable TV, video surveillance, and gas. The system can provide vital information about service usage and also provide a statistics of all data for a period of time, all these are made possible by a central database that collates all the data and the management software that provides access to the residents through a mobile phone application or a website interface.

Building Automation has many improvements over time especially in the area of ensuring the operational performance of a facility as well as guaranteeing the comfort and safety of its building occupants.

Here are some major benefits of building automation in high rise buildings;

Smart Use Of Resources: In most high rise buildings, residents end up paying for unused resources since there’s no proper way to quantify or measure the usage of the building’s resource per section, but with the use of building automation systems, it becomes easier to measure/control the use of building resources thereby saving residents cost. The system will provide information about power consumption, internet usage, gas consumption, and so on. From the service provider’s perspective, services such as gas, power, internet, and water supply can be cut off if a resident refuses to pay.

Convenience For Residents: With the use of Building automation, it becomes easier for the residents of the building to manage their consumptions and even better understand their needs through the statistics the system generates.

Management Of Services: Management with building automation makes the job of the service provider easier, with the ability to control all systems remotely, monitor occupants of your building, and also ensure their security.

Security and Safety: Security is a big issue in high rise buildings because of the flow of traffic in and out of the building daily especially for buildings used for office spaces. With the use of automation systems, surveillance cameras and access control systems can be installed at strategic points around the building to keep track of visitors coming in and going out of the building, these systems can also be configured to notify the occupants or security personnel of the building if there seems to be a security breach.

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I have checked that phone on a youtube video which shows a good quality of their segment and what software they have used so far and quite impressive everything, and read an article on uk writings  see this website where they have discussed about almost everything which can not be ignored like their cons which is most important than their pros.


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