The CPC presidental candidate in the just concluded presidential election has alleged that his mandate was stolen.  He has threatened to go to court and reclaim it.  Fellow members, has Buhari any mandate to reclaim?

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I wonder what a religious fanatic and zealot like Buhari is thinking. In his widest imagination did he think that he will rule Nigeria? During his campaign, he did not even attempt to come to the South East nor the South South. This goes to show his disdain for Christians. Talk about Tunde Bakare, he is just a disappointment. At the peak of wanton slaughter and massacre of innocent citizens in the North, Bakare did not even condemn it, and when Buhari did purportedly condemned it, he aggravated and escalated the whole situation. He has no mandate let alone stealing it. He should go and hug transformer for killing our corpers who were on national assignment. He is not fit to be called Nigerian.Banza. Barawo. Onye Oshi. KILLER like him.


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