Life is jst very unusual phenomenon, d institutions Buhari once piloted is wht seemingly be out of his reached 2day. D gallant military officer led a successful coup d'etat dat overthrew shehu shagari on december 31 1983 bt in 2day's governance in Nigeria politics has change 4rm d barrel of gun 2 ideology. Disappointment hv catch up wit military dictators Nigeria. After three attempts 2 come-back as a civilian president, buhari has unsuccessful journey in preparation 2 repeat wht he knows hw 2 do best! I saw unbelievable out cried of d formal combatant who tried 2 brought emotions into our young democracy he aborted. After failed alliance wit ACN he saw dat his political career is coming 2 an end. Politics has change 4rm emotions 2 ideologies and hw will his tears win him presidential election 2moro? Only tym will tell cos wht goes is coming down now!

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