THE cankerworm known as corruption has continued to diminish our humanity as a people, given that it comes with abject poverty, penury and want. When President Goodluck Jonathan ran for Presidency in 2011, he anchored his campaign on “fresh air” which in ordinary parlance would imply change of our situation as a people for the better. Unfortunately, almost four years down the line ordinary Nigerians have lamentations and pain to show in place of the promised “fresh air”.

On daily basis, this writer and I believe some average-income Nigerians are buffeted by many phone calls from friends and relations seeking for financial assistance, to solve such basic problems like feeding and clothing.
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For any change one need to start from the grass root level. Once the root level is corruption free, it will show effects at all branches.

I think President Goodluck Jonathan has missed on this. But we can't blame all alone on him as terrorism is making the life pity hell for all national leaders.

This is the time to select Government that assures an overall development with their plan and line of execution.

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