Gen, Buhari and the north are full of themselves ,why should buhari and his followers try to foment trouble in an election that is so credible to every body. Because buhari and followers did not win in the west and east they simply come out to said it was rig , that is to say buhari and his cpc party too rig in the north because PDP too did not win in the north. Buhari should simply learn to accept defeat,at least even the international community understand that this election reflect the devision of Nigeria along religious line. i, therefore warned here that, the north must give peace a chance or we would fight it out, we in the south have nothing to fear as Jonathan has won  the poll through a credible and transparent way , we can no longer fold our hands and watch  few ethnic chauvinist and religious fundamentalist terrorist our country.

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They are not only extremists, they are also wicked, inhuman, intolerant and unaccommodating.
See, my brother you can't expect any thing less from these people, I think that God created every thing in 2's that is male/ female, good/bad, war/peace God/Good, devil/evil, so you can view from that angle to realize the class this people really belong to. Mind you they started envying us from Abraham time.
The North derive pleasure in causing mayhem and killing innocent people in the process.  The level of extremism practiced in the North is destructive and cannot help this nation to grow.
mr. Okere, you'v said it all, this people believe we are cockcroches to be smarch any time they so desire, but God is our deffence by making them most criple.
What would you term your reaction is it democratic or extremism  of your thought. and what would you say about the so called mossop, men and others who have been kidnapping and killing innocent men and women
Muhammad do people like u know what is democracy ? most of you are bunch of ethnic chauvinist like Buhari , thank God  u said kidnapping ,in Niger delta we were not killing , we only wanted the world to know what we were passing through, before this time it was peaceful before the devil called Abacha killed ken sira Wiwa. know u that we are battle ready for people like u and others henceforth , know u that we have youth coppers from the north serving in the south senseless man.


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