Nigerians,the time has come 4 The party cpc to pay 4 d innocent corp members Buhari killed and More so,the beautiful churches they Razed down by FIRE!!!

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Buhari is a spent force in Nigerian politics.  The blood of the slain will purse him until his last day on earth.

those who voted for buhari did not want the progress of this country.pastor bakare show have himself to blame by partnering with the evil man.

Before this time i hold this man in high esteem , i just discovered to my greatest amazement that we can't entrust the destiny of 150 million Nigerians  in a hand of ethnic chauvinist like Buhari who is bent on becoming a leader by promoting ethnic and tribal difference and religion hell with him he is finish politically as he can not get a single vote from south in future attempt.
my dear , he will never go free. He must face the ruth of law.


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