Bombs :you cont say every thing is a laughing matter-Obasenjo.

They collecguetively condemnd the news of bomb blast at soleja, saiding that the new government after it formation must tackle the issue of security with serious attention. And also unguwar doki of maiduguri metropolis, bomb blast had occured at polling centre. Must of the vitims were taken to the emergency unit of the teaching hopital. Friday night, at umuagwoke, amaigbo uwangele local government area, of Imo state, country home of the council boss mr. Ezekiel chukwukere, instantly shot about five loyalist of PDP. to death. Many others states, having smilar incident across the country. All this because of the so call free, ffair and credible election. And when it happen like this the security bosses will say yes...... we....... have...... Confirm the incident. And they will describe it on their own where. My brothers and sisters help me out, is this the type of democracy we are talking about to have.

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Nice one bros u need to dot your I's and cross your T's.
You have a good point but you should back to elementary English.  That will help you with clarity of purpose.
wise-one, how do you mean, i should go back to elementary English. That will help me with clarity purpose.


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