Between Boko Haram and fuel subsidy, which is more important for government to tackle?

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bros this question en!


Is the FG not responsible for the fuel subsidy removal? Boko haram on the other hand is a burden not only to the FG. ,but to the entire citizens of Nigeria and her friends who are watching helplessly becos they know we have our way of catch am!catch am! Catch am,and in the end result they present an innocent man whose whose head has been bought with money to hide the identity of the beast,the FG has been busy doing nothing wit all their FEC meetings b4 boko bombs started,even the nigerian army are not exempted,they should show us all those skills,strategies which they learnt at jaji(military) e.t.c. Or even their contributions we hear every now and then in peace-keeping outside Nigeria. Only God can help us my friend. Hahaha!

I agree people. Its like the classic: between the devil and the deep blue  sea. No easy choices. Lol!


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