The lord knows how we can arrest them.

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The lord has alredy given us the wisdom on how to deal  with devils like Boko haram. when papa obj was in control , remember what happen in odi and Zaki biam  when nigeria soliders were killed in those places.Papa, similary declear a state of emmergency in pleatue and Ekiti state , what has stop Jonathan from doing same in bronu and bauchi, this man called jonathan is too weak to handle this complex country call Nigeria.let him reseign if he can't scope with the heat.
It is the duty of the government to deal with them.  They are enemies and therefore should be handled as such.
But do u think state of emergency is the only solution? Well i beleive God, will help us out of this mess imgain, these boko haram people are calling SSS police in nigeria tothless bull dog that can only bark but cannot bite.


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