Block Cement industry business in Nigeria is a very profitable venture because of the current rate of urbanization in Nigeria, there is a huge population shift from rural areas to the urban areas and this means more houses, offices, companies, factories etc.

Building and construction sector in the country over the last ten years as undergone a very strong growth rates, the demand for cement blocks has increased as a result of the demand for it in the housing and construction industry due to the rate of urbanization in the country.

There are lots of qualities the owner of this business should have if he must succeed in this line of business. He must have patience and create time for the business first, then must also have a good networking relationship with corporate and individual customers. Must know all that is required to run the business so as to maximize profit.

To be a successful block cement industry you need to manufacture concrete blocks with the best quality cement, once you have good quality cement you make it very easy for your customers to refer people to you. Recruit workers that are skillful.

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