Bitkoin africa review

With the growth of cryptocurrencies, there is also an ever increasing number of platforms where one can buy and sell cryptocurrency, some are trusted and some are not.

Bitkoin africa
Bitkoin africa review
Bitkoin africa is a peer to peer cryptocurrency trading platform where users can sell and buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash from other users, it is currently based in lagos.

The difference between peer to peer exchanges and direct exchanges is that, peer to peer exchanges usually connects a buyer with someone that is willing to sell at that rate.

The exchange itself is just like a meeting place for the buyer and seller. Whereas in direct exchanges, you buy from the exchange and also sell to them.

This Bitkoin africa review is aimed at providing all you need to know about the bitkoin africa platform, i am going to be writing about

i. The supported cryptocurrencies
ii. How to create a verified bitkoin africa account.
iii. How to sell a cryptocurrency on bitkoin africa
iv. How to buy a cryptocurrency on bitkoin africa.
v. The accepted payment methods and also vi. Bitkoin africa’s transaction fees.

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