Big Brother Naija star, Khafi, faces misconduct probe at Met Police

Former Big Brother Naija star, Khafi Kareem, is facing a misconduct probe at the UK’s Met Police over her appearance on the show.

According to BBC, Khafi, a police constable at the Met Police, faced a panel where she revealed that she took and surrendered her laptop to organisers of the reality TV show.

It was also reported that Khafi had gone on the reality show in 2019 without authorisation. The Met Police officer had told her superiors she wanted to appear on Big Brother Naija to promote the Met Police globally.

During the hearing, it was reported that Khafi denied allegations of breaching standards in respect of “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct” and failing to declare a business interest in relation to publicity and promotion of the show.

Khafi spent 77 days on the reality TV show before she was evicted. Credit:BBC

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