It is my pleasure to
analyse Nigeria problem with the biblical account.
We are just like the
galatian that paul address in this direction."stand fast
therefore in the liberty where with christ hath made us free, and be not
entangled again with yoke of bondage" gal 5:1
my fellow country men their is no gainsay that we
nigerian are entangle in slavery,we live like one of the slave serving his master and eating from his
left over foods and
bones.our present days is just a little bit different from our forefather who
were captivate to the
colonial to their bear eyes and made to labour on thier own land,what a
dismay story to narrate,but today our leader have serve as the colonial who
chain & entangle us with pains with their corruptive minds,how could you just imagine a man being
employ and give token amount of money (#10,000) as monthly salary,man with children indeed, how do they want
him to cater for his family,i know they are less concern for this question.
brethren,ye have been
called unto liberty, only use
not liberty
for an occasion the
flesh,but by love serve one another,galatain 5:13.Our leaders are to come to power through free and fair election and not through the back
door.There mission should be to give our taste not to satisfy thier own selfish interest,we should be kept under one umbrella to live
in peace and love,we
should be our brother
keeper and not enemies of ourselves.

Moreso,"for all the law is fulfilled in one word,even in this;thou shall love they neighbour as
thyself,galatian 5:14. This one goes to the Boko Haram,boko why,why sheding the blood of innocent are
heartless, your action is irrationable as well.if your action is on political view
why not go to aso rock and blast them with bomb instead of killing your fellow nigerians but you
action is not on polictical view is rather on religion
view,you bash your fellow human being to death like goat, you hate your fellow
nigerian on no good
reason but i won't blame you but rather blame the insensitive government who have cause the man
inhumanity to man, what a flagrant!!!

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So where does the solution lie?

critical analysis of this nature is the least thing that should bother a concerned nigerian right now...

You have not stated the solution.  Nigeria is not the only country in the world.  So if the prophecy is to be fulfilled, it should be a universal thing.

@sir okere, the only solution is to look unto the lord and pray fervently for solution because everybody has hand in the problem of this country.

Tosin Iyiola Damilare said:
@sir okere, the only solution is to look unto the lord and pray fervently for solution because everybody have hand in the problem of this country.


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