Bible Study – The Missionary Christian Part One

An introduction to the message on the Missionary Christian; it defines what a mission is and who a Missionary Christian is. It also explains God’s saving power and sheds light on God’s eternal plan for all mankind.

At the end of this first part of the bible study, you should understand: What a mission means and who a Missionary Christian is, Our Purpose here on earth as Missionary Christians, and God’s only Saving Power.

What is a mission?

A mission can be defined as: A cause of pursuit. An objective, operation or project carried out for the purpose of establishing a cause, a way of life, a ministry in a foreign or some designated place.

Who is a Missionary Christian?

A Missionary is one who is in pursuit of a cause; who is being given or is on an objective, operation or project, for the purpose of establishing a cause.

Therefore, a Missionary Christian is a Christian on a mission with a purpose. He knows where he is going; has found his identity and has discovered who he is.

A Missionary Christian can also be defined as a Christian who is about an objective, operation or project; one that is in pursuit of a cause.

Every Christian was born for a purpose and it is important that we remain conscious of this.

God left you here on earth for a reason; otherwise, as soon as you gave your heart to Christ, you should have gone to Heaven.


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