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Much have been said about Nigerian governors, the performing and the seemingly non performing ones. In recent times, there have been a commendable and appreciable bar raising in the art of governance amongst the state governors as each state government strive to outperform his counterparts in the other states. This has in recent times prompted the media to be awashed with countless of adverts showcasing projects, policies, etc embarked by the various state governments ostensibly to better the lives of their subjects. In Good governance challenge we tend to look beyound the rhetoric and hypes of the media and dig down to the nitty gritty of good governance in Oder to extensively and exhaustively analyze these governors in all the critical sectors of the economy.

Though, it may appear to be a double standard drawing parallel amongst the governors considering the fact that they do not have to get and receive the same IGR and federal allocations respectively. However, the art of good governance transcends just having huge money at your disposal. It entails the ability to effectively utilize the little you have to effect positive change in the various sectors of the economy as well as putting fort winning strategies in order to expand your revenue base. It also entails cutting down reckless, frivolous and unnecessary spending in addition to blocking loopholes in the system so as to free up more money for capital projects. Good governance is all about effective leadership that is built around core values, sincerity of purpose, good leadership skills and the drive/passion to effect positive change.

The Nigeria governors challenge also known as good governance challenge/league is a competitive challenge where the performances of all the 36 state governors in the various sectors of the economy are showcased and appraised by the general public who accordingly vote/nominate their choice governor(s) (by perhaps given us verifiable facts) on the sector of the economy which they think they perform best. The governors scores points according to the impression they made on the general public who vote/nominate them. The governor with the highest accumulated points at the end of the league becomes the best governor or ‘The Crowned Good Governance Ambassador of Nigeria’ for the year. In this ‘ Good governance challenge’ we are going to explore and appraise the performance of the 36 states governors and carry out an extensive and comprehensive evaluation of how they have been able to transform the following major sectors of the economy of their various states:






Regional and rural development (development outside the state capital)

Job creation/Human Capital Development

Resource Prudence/management

The first seven are very clear since they represent the major sectors of the economy which the other sub-sectors can be found within (if you wish you may get the key points pertaining these sectors here Good governance league.). The eighth item which is Resource Prudence/management goes to tell us how well and prudent the states have been able to put good use of the resources available to them. Are the monies they receive commensurate to what is on ground in their various states? Where they able to manage even with the little at their disposal? To what extent were they able to expand their IGR. what is their capital to recurrent budget ratio and to what extent are they implemented( you may get the states budget analysis Budget analysis and statistics). How well were they able to curtail unnecessary expenses and block loopholes in their government? Are their borrowings and debt profile in conformity with the fiscal responsibility act? Is their state highly indebted during their tenure without good strategy to service the debt ( as a guide here are links to the debt management office of Nigeria showing the Domestic and external debt stock respectively of the 36 states: Domestic dept stockDomestic debt stock; External stock deptExternal debt stock On the flip side are they been over frugal ( ie saving unnecessarily) when there are many sectors of the economy begging for attention? A good balance of judicious borrowing, savings, strategic debt servicing and result oriented spending makes one a good resource manager.

The seemingly double standard of privilege and non privileged states competing together is being addressed with the concept of the premium normalizing index ( np ) explained below:

Premium Normalizing index ( np ): this is a statistical factor that is based on the average budget per capital of each state. It is a factor that cancels out the perceived advantage of the very rich state and the not so rich state, the not so populated states and the very populated states. For instance Bayalsa State with a population of less than two million and an average yearly budget of over N200b has the highest budget per capital and a premium normalizing index of 0.8 while Katsina with a population of over six million and an average yearly budget of less than N100b has a premium Normalizing index of 1. The following link here budget table shows a table of state arranged according to their total budget(2007-2014), average yearly budget, budget per capital and np.

The total point accumulated by each governor in the league table will be multiplied by The premium Normalizing index to get the premium point of which the governors is to be rated. This normalizing factor fairly places all states to a common base eliminating the perceived advantage of the so called rich states with higher budget per capital.

The good governance league starts here.

It involves two stages namely: the preliminary stage and the final stage.

The preliminary stage

In the preliminary stage you match governors against the sectors you think they have performed best. This stage is more or less a nomination stage where you nominate eigth governors and match them in the sector you think they have performed best relative to other governors ( you may nominate less than eight depending on your knowledge about the governors and the sector). In your nomination you state the sector/the name of the governor/the name of his state. for example if you wish to vote governor Elechi as the best in Agriculture you may simply type Agriculture/Elechi/ebonyi state. you may go further to state your reasons in form of achievement he made in that sector. You do the same for other sectors. This stage will last for one week with the league table showing the governors standing being updated every twenty four hours. the five governors with the highest votes from each sectors will qualify for the finals. A total of forty slots in all sectors will be for grab in the first stage. which means five for each of the eight sectors

The final stage.

Here is where the real points are accumulated. Once a governor made it to this stage in any of the sector then you are sure of at least a point. At this stage the competition get tougher as there will be extensive and critical evaluation of the performances of the top five governors in each of the sectors. Each sector is given three days to evaluate and appraise the five governors within the sectors. The governor with the highest votes gets five points, the second gets four points and so on till the fifth which gets one point. This stage will take a total of twenty four days that is three days each for eight sectors. The league table showing the points and the standing of the governors will also be shown intermittently. At the end of the league the governor with the highest point (after normalizing) becomes our ‘Crown Good Governance Ambassador of Nigeria’ and of course the best performing governor in Nigeria, the second becomes ‘First runner up Good Governance ambassador of Nigeria’ and the third ‘Second runner up good governance ambassador of Nigeria’


No double voting. that is you cannot vote for two governors in one sector eg security/Fashola/Lagos, security/Chime/Enugu. Here only your first option is valid
You may decide to use any format of voting other than the one given here as long as it is intelligible enough
Given reasons for your choices though optional may help to convince others and perhaps influence their choices as they may not be aware of your choice’s achievement.
We should try as much as possible to be objective in our choices and in all our analysis.
We should eschew all kind of sentimentality
Personal attack of any kind will not be condoned

The preliminary stage starts now (time: 5:00pm, Date: Monday 22 December 2014 to Monday 29 December 2014. One week in total)
here you nominate your eight best governors in the eight listed sectors. You may also go ahead to state your reasons if you wish. The top five nominees for each sector will qualify for the finals.

Typical example of how you may nominate your candidate is

Health /Aliyu/Niger
Security/sule Lamido/Jigawa
regional and rural development (development outside the state capital)/Abiola Ajimobi/Oyo
Job creation/Human Capital Development/Murkhter yero/Kaduna
Resource Prudence/management/Amaechi/Rivers

You may go ahead to state your reasons

Note: it is not compulsory to vote in all sectors. vote in the sector you are convince that your choice governor is the best.

voting and analysis starts now

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