Best College Laptop for Nigerian Students Under 150k Naira (2020)

What is the best laptop for students in Nigeria under 150k naira? If you are a college student finding it hard to decide on the best laptop under N150,000 this post will help by providing a buying guide to assist you in making your choice.

When searching for the best student laptops in Nigeria, there are some considerations to keep in mind such as budget, CPU processors and storage capacity. Budget is very important, which is why this post will focus on the best laptops for Nigerian students under 150k Naira. The processor which is required to handle student course work can fit into a budget of N150k.

Storage capacity is another specification to consider when looking for the best laptop for students and a laptop with 4GB RAM memory would be
fine. The ROM would most likely be between 500GB - 1TB which I believe is suitable students course work and other school activities.

Best Laptops for Students in Nigeria and their price [2020]

1. Hp 15 Intel Celeron - 110,000
2. Hp Pavilion 15 - ₦147,000
3. Lenovo Ideapad 110 - ₦87,000
4. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 - ₦96,000
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