Are you looking for a safe and secure way of saving your important data? Dataalign provides affordable online cloud backup solution services for all type of businesses, enterprise, home and individual use. Dataalign online backup has advanced features making it really easy to use and secure from all online and offline threats like ransomware, viruses, hackers etc. With Dataalign online cloud backup automatically backing up all your data and files, you never have to worry about backing up your data in case your device gets damaged or you switch to a new device because for retrieving all old data, you just have to download the Dataalign app.

With so many options of products to choose from, Dataalign provides [b][url=]cheap online data backup[/url][/b] along with many offers to its customers. With Dataalign, customers get to send their data directly to the data centers of Dataalign instead of sending to through the internet which saves a lot of time and bandwidth. There are two options available for this service. One is the Amazon’s snowball appliance that helps you ship your data to Dataalign network and is best for businesses that has to transfer more than 10TB of data. Dataalign uses top of the line security procedures such as military grade encryption.

The other option of transferring data is by using your own hard disk that you can send to the Dataalign facilities and after importing all your data, your hard disk will be wiped and shipped back. The [b]server cloud backup solution [/b]of Dataalign provides this import/ export feature of transferring data at all times and can be used anytime. Dataalign cloud data storage provides the feature of a unified cloud backup which means data located on computers, tablets, smartphones, external drives, servers, network devices, and even cloud services like dropbox are imported.

All your documents, videos, photos, music, contacts, messages, calendar, call logs will be backed up from your android or iOS devices. With the unique, innovative and user friendly features of [b][url=]Business server data backup[/url][/b] Dataalign, you can search and discover documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Customers can also discover OCR content from scanned PDFs and images. Dataalign allows the streaming of videos and movie. Even lets you play music or audio.

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