Best and top ranking project websites in Nigeria, 2019.

Out of the many project websites out there in Nigeria, there are five I would gladly recommend for final year undergraduates. They may have similar features with every other project websites but few and unique features set them apart from the rest.                                   

iproject is ranking tops among the project websites in Nigeria. Just like other project sites, it features over 10,000+ project topics and research materials for university undergraduates. They feature ‘campus rep’ services entails having a representative from institutions who would communicate recent developments concerning students’ final year project and research. This helps them narrow their services better to their target clients who are mostly students.

Although iproject has a blog, it doesn’t really address student’s research needs as much as expected.

This is another project website that’s rubbing shoulders with iproject when it comes to google ranking. It offers final year project topics and research materials for students in tertiary institutions.

Projecttopics features such word tools as PDF converter- it helps you convert a pdf file to a word document. It also helps you convert documents in many other formats to a pdf file. Secondly, it features a paraphrasing tool; this tool helps you rewrite large word document without any effort from you. Moreso, it also features a referencing tool; this tool lets you type in the book name, author, page, year of publication and then takes it up fom them arranging it referencing using APA style of citation.

Codemint has over 13,000 final year project topics and 4500 downloadable research materials. It features project and research materials for various disciplines. Among them are computer science project topics which also avails computer sources codes for the implementation of the project topics in computer science.

Codemint features instant download of project materials; there wouldn’t be any need contacting codemint support, just a click and two you have the research material at your disposal. Except the research materials is not automatically downloadable. It also features quick and real time support services via whatsapp, emails, direct contact, facebook and more.

Codemint has a blog through which give step-by-step guide to writing, structuring and presentation of project proposals and research materials plus other interesting topics within the academic sphere. From all indications, it seems codemint has optimized its website both for mobile and desktop users.

Amidst ranking tops and offering project topics and research materials, uniprojectmaterials features ‘hire a writer’ and ‘hire a data analyst’ services. This implies that they can offer customized services on request to analyze student’s research data or write complete project for them.

Uniprojectmaterials also has a blog where they seize the opportunity to educate students on final year research principles.

Projectclues also made it to the top ranking project websites in Nigeria. It has thousands of project topics and research materials in various academic fields. It features a quick help desk and turns in research materials to students within 24 to 48 hours.

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