The highly talked about BBNaija is an attempt to corrupt and pollute our generation. A program that promotes nudity, porn, immortality and lust has nothing good to achieve. We must stop this evil or else it will snatch away our supposed tomorrow's leaders from us.

If we keep quiet then we are putting the future of our children into jeopardy. What are the intentions of the organisers and sponsors of this evilprogram? What do they intend to achieve? What have they achieved?

I don't expect any good parent, good Christian, goodMuslim to allow their children to be ahousemate in the ongoing bbnaija. It is totally not in conformity with our morals, values and beliefs.

We mustjoin ourvoices together to condemn the program, we must stop watching it, we must stop our children from watching it, we must stop promoting it, we must stop our children from participating in the program.

I am ready to be alone on this issue but it's better to be alone with the truth than stand with the crowd for lies.

I Ayodele Adeoye say NO toBBN, it's evil, its demonic, it's satanic, it's barbaric and condemnable.

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