Bandits treated us well — Baptist school student freed on health grounds

Abductors of 121 students of Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna have freed one student on the basis of ill health.
Bandits abduct 100 miners, kill 10 in Zamfara — Emirs
The student, it was stated, was returned by two of the abductors.

A source disclosed that the released student had since been taken to the hospital and is gradually recuperating.

The source said the freed students narrated that the bandits were treating them well, adding that the leader of the abductors directed that none of the abductees be molested.

The source added that the released student said their abductors always allowed them to observe their religious obligations.

According to the source, the student said, “We sing choruses and pray loudly without molestation. The leader of the bandits said we must be allowed to worship our God.”

The source explained that the abductors even asked the students to pray for them each time they were leaving the camp either for operations or market so that they will return safely.

Also according to the source, the church is doing everything possible to meet the conditions laid out by the bandits for the students to be released.

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