Ban of gay marriage, to me , is nothing but waste of taxpayers' money. Do we really need law to ban such immoral and unholy act? To me, I think these idle lawmakers are just drawing our attention to what we as Africans don't pay attention to; the same way the West drew our attention to HIV/AIDS that never existed in Africa from the beginning; before we knew it, the rest was history.

  We have pressing issues that need legislative backing likes insecurity, power, education malpractices, unemployment and host of others. They should stop telling us what we don't want to hear!

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Homosexuality or lesbianism are two evils that is most annoying to Almighty ALLAH, the creator and nourisher of the worlds.

It is this same act that the people of Lut engage in that brings about their destruction as related in the Qur;an. Is Nigeria seeking the blessings of God or His anger?

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