I agree that Babangida is very much a factor in Nigerian politics but i think those (especially sunnewspaper) that are coming out with this option in their analysis are very mischievous. It is still very early to forget that it was Babangida who institutionalized corruption in these country. Is there any need to bore you with stories of how corruption was the norm in those years that nobody saw it as being wrong? At least we are talking now and things are being done about corruption today. Do we want to loose all that?
Do Babangida himself want to forget in a hurry how BABANGIDA MUST GO posters flooded everywhere even under the fear of his BODYGUARDS elite force. you will wake and see the posters everywhere.
Sunnewspapers is basing it deductions partly on U.S. assistant secretary of states visit to Babangida recently. I think it is wrong. what i think took OBAMA representative there is his campaign promise of fighting terrorism by making friends with moderates islams so they will not go extreme.It is argued that some moderates went extreme during Bush administration.
I am calling on all pro-democracy forces to look into these and make better analysis to guide our people now so we will not have to POST POSTER UNDER SECURITY CONCERNS when it is late.  The north had better loo for more acceptable candidates.

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Obinna, that the idea of Babangida coming back to power could be muted again in this country shows how complacent we people are. I think we need to examine ourselves to see whether we have liver to resist intimidation, harrassment and injustice in this country. Or are we created to suffer? I cannot understand why as well endowed as we are intellectually, politically and culturally in this country, some bunch of charlatans can continue to take us into ransom. By the time we continue to refuse to deal with leaders without vision, without charisma, the selfish and dubious ones, when they are in and out of power, they will always come back to intimidate us and insult our intelligence with the money they have squandered. Most of them looted the treasury, killed and maimed innocent lives while in power, yet they have the audacity to dream of ruling us again. The same applies to present political office holders. If Nigerians decide to suffer and die, smilling in spite of the inhuman treatment, so be it. People in other parts of the world take their destiny in their hands. They collectively rise up and say NO in the face of tyranny and oppression. Not in Nigeria, except for a very few.
I think that it is an imaginative nonsense for anyone to speculate Babangida becoming the Nigerian President. It will be a day dreaming ambition if he wants to run for any political office in Nigeria. It is on record that this country had it worse under Babangida. It was him that planted the seed of our political and economic predicaments.
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