**ATTENTION**Yar'adua Is Now A Word In The Dictionary.

Yaradua one  of the name among the president of the federal republic of nigeria and the most common has been added to the dictionary, a book of reference for checking spelling of word,pronounciation e.t.c.This was in a content of online forum post tittled


**ATTENTION**Yar'adua Is Now A Word In The Dictionary. . . . . .


below is the post as originally published

"A new word has been added to the dictionary: YAR'ADUA (noun) - someone who abandons his people for a long period of time or a long period of silence. Example: my boyfriend has gone Yar'adua on me, why the Yar'adua? Is everything okay? , LOL


So what do you think?

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That is not fair on our ailing president! lo!
That is a good inclusion which of the dictionarys will you find it,Websters or Oxford?
The example is a pleasant one but I believe that if your boyfriend has gone Yar'adua on you
then you can use a Turaya satelite phone to track him where he is hiding.
if ur boyfriend has gone Yar;adua on you, don't worry because it is GOODLUCK 2 you, for there's always a JONATHAN waiting PATIENTLY to take his place and perform what U want.
Lol......There should be a second meaning to "Goodluck" added too.
Nice Post......


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