I want to use this medium to inform parents that there is a trend aimed at destroying their academic investment on their children. Sales promoters who usually mount podiums with dancers now targets students returning from school to turn them to emergency dancers. They encourage them to mount the podium to dance away the little they hav learnt in school. Then they give them their product. This is in school uniform. Culpable are students from jss 3 to s.s.3. How would they pass exams when all that they are exposed to are frivolities.

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You are so right my brother,we should open our eyes to this expoiltation..
Parents should warn their daughters to beware of these hawks in the name of promoters.  School principals should also help by ensuring that any female student caught doing this public show with her school uniform should be expelled from school.  We have got to fight this ugly trend before it destroys our daughters.


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