One Aliyu Sani, the Chairman of Katsina State PDP elders forum has said that Atiku was robbed of victory in the last PDP presidential primaries. He stated that Atiku and other Notherners who used their resources to build PDP were robbed of victory by those he called the usurpers of the party. I hope that he is trying to tell us that the North is born to rule.

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How can someone say Atiku was robbed. Is the mandate his exclusive right that they will say he was robbed? He was given a level playing field to campaign before and during the primaries but he goofed and ended up having people dislike him. The delegates chose who the fell is better among all the contestant.
Charles, i tell you that is the beauty of democracy Atiku is not an acceptable candidate even in the north, Atiku is a political extremist who was bent at using shortcut to become the president of this country , not taking into consideration that God gives power to whom he so wishes . that is why ,instead of he Atiku telling Nigerians how  if given the mandate going to fixed our road, electricity, unemployment, the security challenges, he (Atiku) was busy convassing for ethnic and tribal politics capitalising on the zoining arrangement. Charles i tell you Atiku was not robbed , take a look at that speech he deliver at the PDp primaries, i think with that speech alone no rational human being would vote for Atiku . to crown it all Atiku  and co are noise makers , God has brought Jonathan to consolidate the masses of this country. and God would see him through.
Atiku presented himself as a Northern candidate. So how could he have won, my brother?
There wouldnt have been a better way the election could be conducted to show a credibility than what was done on that day. The election was conducted in a manner that the lose should accept a defect without complains. Atiku should accept the defeat and stop making fool of himself.
I for wonder. I be think say he was robbed by armed robbers. How can armed robbers robb a full fleaged amed robber?

if Atiku had shown dat he has d support of d North, dat would been a started point.

wen his own state, his own ppl didn't even believe he is d right person i wonder why he is crying wolf.

I think people like Aliyu Sani or whatever he calls himself are many in the North. These type of individuals are still having hangover concerning the change taking place in Nija. You can remember those years when whenever these people talk the whole country get tensed etc. They still believe foolhardly that we are still in that kind of stuff.We should only pity them but not take them seriously.Nija is on the move.
Atiku has lost his relevance in Nigeria Politics. I advise him to forget all about politics and move into business. The best he can be now it the Governor of Adamawa state or senator in his own senatorial zone.


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