To become a successful parent that breeds obedient children starts from being an obedience child to your parents. That is the only way to get the wisdom to make a good parent. Otherwise you will become a failed parent to your children.

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People like Atiku who wants to be President at all costs are just out to help themselves not to give any purposeful leadership. It is left for Nigerians to make sure that people like Atiku, Babangida, Gusau and their likes dont taste power in this country. . . And God forbids them ever tasting power again. See Gusau the other day accusing Babangida and Abacha of cheating on him by not allowing him to take his turn to rule after the duo had had their turns as if Nigeria is their fathers' farm. That is the most annoying statement any sensible man can make in a country of over 140 million people with more than 400 ethnic groups. That statement is senseless and provocative in the extreme. Nigerians should watch these people and their likes and make sure they dont ever ever come near the corridor of power anymore. As far as I am concerned they are dead politically.
Its a pity that Atiku Abubakar thinks he can rule Nigeria by his might. By now it should have dawn on him that the game is over for him. I strongly advice him to back out from the presidential race and henceforth begin to play the role of a statesman. At least Nigerians can pardon and allow him to function in this capacity having being a former VP. Same goes to our one and only Maradona. Nigeria can still attain greater height even without him presiding over Aso rock villa.
Atiku should go and rest.
All the ex-military aspirant should go and rest.
they are all dictators,and have no human sympathy for the poor people,
all they want is blood, they dont think like us
all they want is power.zoning is a scam 419 to marginalize and oppress
other geopolitical part of nigeria.Nigerian youths shuold stand up and fight
for thier right because all this ex-military rulers has dissapointed us, they
have no foresight and they dont understand the challenges we are facing today
The world is rapidly developing with new technology and new system of governing
and this same fools are scrambling for zoning,and they forget that what we are
searching for, is a cradible leader that will manage the affairs of this nation and fix
it right so that the double what horse can grow wings and fly to the sky to reach the eagle
because the eagle symbolizes,sucess, glory, honor, peace and unity.Please my people wake up dont vote for them. Please vote for Jonathan he is the Jonah that god has sent to help and rescue this Great Nation. ONE JEHOVA ONE NIGERIA .


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