Yes I remembered vividly sometime in February, When I said "it is only time will tell". Turai or Whatsoever her Name may be and her cohorts has finally succumbed to the timely hour of Death. Yes! because they thought life is all about power. Posterity will never forgive them for contributing to the death of our gentle President. We can only persit, resist or whatsoever we may term it to remain in power but ONLY TIME will tell. But as I said earlier on, time has finally told us! Now Who is incharge? Turia, Andoaka or Goodluck? 


Pls It is more better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation - Live goes on!!!!!!!!!


And to our Departed Gentle President!


So shall it be! Allah Giveth and He Taketh at His Will. May Your Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.


Then To us living!!


May we all remember that someday we shall all die and only be rememberde by what we did be it Bad or Good.


Let us be wise!

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