Assessment of parental attitude towards the teaching of sex education in secondary schools

Sex is a biological phenomenon that is meant to occur between two adult. This makes sex education an important global public health issue. This project topic is health and sex education department is geared towards the assessment of parental attitudes towards the teaching of sex education in secondary schools. While I let you check that research details out yourself,  lets us highlight the circumstances surrounding sex education in secondary schools putting the students' age bracket into consideration. 

What is Sex Education?

Sex education is the kind of education that is geared towards improving the sex related knowledge, attitude, lifestyle, choices, and behaviors. Sex education is applicable in schools, secondary school most especially to groom young people in their puberty and adolescent ages  of better ways to make positive health and sex life choices.

There are several ways to transfer this knowledge to students and some include but not limited to; developing students decision making skills, through health information and creating experiences. 

Why is sex education important?

As an important, global public health issue, sex education is important to inform students about a safe sex life, about how much freedom they have to decide when, how and if they want to engage in it and how often. 

Adolescence is the good time to help students build a great healthy sex lifestyle. Some of the topical issues discussed under sex education include puberty, pregnancy, use of contraceptives, sex abuse and violence, premarital sex, unsafe abortion, child birth complications especially for the girl child and others.

Sex is a reality that must be faced squarely and its education is highly acknowledged globally because 

  • It makes for safer sex practices and lifestyle 
  • Provide access to high quality Sex related health services
  • Promotes safe life
  • Promotes a productive lifestyle 
  • Help young people engage less in unprotected sex
  • Limits teenage pregnancy 
  • Limits the potential to have multiple sex partners 
  • Drives delayed in sexual initiation

Ending note

Sex education is acknowledged globally as it is very necessary for child growth and development. However for the sake of this project topic, an assessment of parental attitude towards sex education teaching in secondary schools has to be done.

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