Arise Now! Nigeria Needs your Daily Prayer Contribution

Offer it now to God in your prayers just in a day. Many nations of the world are all eyes and alert to see Nigeria play again in the fortcoming election and yet some are eager to read and laugh at us.


I think the secret is just very obvious. We need a CHANGE right? Do we all really agree to pray for the nation or are we Nigerians biased?


CHANGE, yes we need it! We offer to this country the greatest gift a child could offer to his Mother, the gift of sober reflections and calmness and total submission of our being whole and entire to the mighty God of Israel.


This Psalm should be devoted for our nation's wellness and should be maintained for 40 days. Psalm 79 is a prayer for nations deliverance to be said every day for a period of 40 days.


Psalm 79

A Prayer for the Nation's Deliverance

      O God, the heathen have invaded your land.
      They have desecrated your holy Temple
      and left Jerusalem in ruins.
 2 They left the bodies of your people for the vultures,
      the bodies of your servants for wild animals to eat.
 3 They shed your people's blood like water;
      blood flowed like water all through Jerusalem,
      and no one was left to bury the dead.
 4 The surrounding nations insult us;
      they laugh at us and mock us.

 5 Lord, will you be angry with us forever?
      Will your anger continue to burn like fire?
 6 Turn your anger on the nations that do not worship you,
      on the people who do not pray to you.
 7 For they have killed your people;
      they have ruined your country.

 8 Do not punish us for the sins of our ancestors.
      Have mercy on us now;
      we have lost all hope.
 9 Help us, O God, and save us;
      rescue us and forgive our sins
      for the sake of your own honor.
 10 Why should the nations ask us,
         Where is your God?
   Let us see you punish the nations
      for shedding the blood of your servants.

 11 Listen to the groans of the prisoners,
      and by your great power free those who are condemned to die.
 12 Lord, pay the other nations back seven times
      for all the insults they have hurled at you.
 13 Then we, your people, the sheep of your flock,
      will thank you forever
      and praise you for all time to come.


God bless you as you do this for your motherland. More blessings to you who share it out to numerois frineds and relations out there in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

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Yes Nigeria needs the prayers of every citizen because we all desire change and we believe that with fervent prayers, the change we need must come.  May God help us.
Thanks for reading my mind. We need it, yes we need CHANGE; CHANGE for a better tommorrow.


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