Are there websites that can make the career of computer science undergraduates easier?

Ofcourse there are!! The world in the internet is so large to accommodate a whole lot of career curves plus making the career cycle of computer science undergraduates shorter and fruitful altogether. Indeed I won’t fail to mention that there more than enough websites that can boost the fortune of any undergraduate not just computer science undergraduates.

Although the websites available online may vary with programmes and services which they offer, you too have to decide or be certain of what exactly you need in any website. I can bet you, if you are exposed to a whole of these available opportunities, you will apparently get confused. Some of these websites include freelance websites, project websites, web developers’ online communities, Facebook forums etc.

Web developers’ online communities            

Because you are a computer science student and because you would need help if you want to pursue a career in programing or web development, I’d suggest you join a good web developers’ online community. I’m not promising you full time training over there; but am certain that all your questions and confusions will be answers and cleared with time. Websites like Github, Toptal, Stackoverflow, etc. can be of help.

Freelance websites

If you have already groomed yourself in any career curve then freelance website is recommendable. Freelance websites are not overhyped as it may seem; you only need to have the right skill for the right job and the right website.

Social media forums

Social media forums are really cool to progress your career. It will not only help you get in-touch with career mates, you also get to know what’s new and how to adopt them for your career. Platforms like Facebook forums, LinkedIn, Twitter an help a great deal.

Project website

Project websites are not left our either; they provide a whole lot of help to computer science undergraduates from handling contracts of research materials for students to research agents. Websites like codemint, eduproject, etc can be of help.

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