since i was born, i have being hearing about d hausa involvement in brutalism bt never had d experience till nw dat am serving in north. Pls i need 2 knw if they are really true nigerians cos 2 my own understanding every true citizen of a country must protect d image of dat country.

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What you experienced in the North is the aftermath of Lord Lugard's monumental mistake.  The grouping of the North and the South into one entity called Nigeria is a fundamental mistake, which will haunt us for ever.  They claim to be Nigerians, but they don't behave as one.  If think they are more of Arabs than Nigerians.

We have made enormous sacrifices to keep the unity of this country.  But they are not accommodating.

curia frost said:
as far as i am concerned, de hausas are not my fellow country men. In short, immediately dey started killing christians, i sacked one of dem that works in my Accounting firm. Call it tribal discrimination, i dont care. Thank you


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