This question is thrown to all Nigerians within and in the Diaspora. We need total re-birth in the political circle such that the old skins are completely erased. What I mean is that we need to listen to the beats around us and try to read and interprete the handwriting on the wall. The time is fast ticking and changing and right now things are going wrong and even more wrong.

Take a look at the State of the Nation Here!

We have come a long way and instead have followed the system of the crumbled giant of Africa. A nation such much enveloped with fraud and assorted criminal ingredients. What are we doing about the state of the nation? Can we contribute positively to the growth of the nation? Of course yes, we can!

Take a look at this quiz and comment of where you fall in the category:

As many Nigerians have the progress of the nation at heart, others are busy working towards disintegrating the nation by planting seed of disunity, malice and

First Group A:      LONG LIVE NIGERIA



I do not know for now where you wish to fall in but we all have something to contribute to either the rise or fall of our this nation.

See the State of the nation here!

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Thanks Bridget for your wonderful contribution. It's better you say your mind and point blank too.
Nigerians are looking forward to better days. We desire a change for the better. We look forward to the day our universities will be properly funded and the issue of strikes will be consigned to the dust bin of history. We look forward to a day our civil servants will receive pay that is commensurate to their efforts. We look forward to a better and organised transportation system, an organised society with social security, a society where crime will be less attractive. A society, where the elected will know they have obligations to the electorate - to live up to their campaing promises and lots more. Yes we desire a change but that change will only come if you and I resolve to shun money bag politicians and use our votes as a vehicle to bring in the desired change.


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