Use Guided Interaction to Drive Progress

Many apps that are a bit more complex use a progressive onboarding approach; essentially, a tutorial on how to use the app. The apps with the most successful progressive onboarding provide the user the fun of discovery – without impeding the experience – by using guided interaction.


Guided interaction is about engaging users in exploration, rather than telling them what to do. This concept is very popular in video games; instead of lengthy tutorials, users play through the actions in order to become familiar with the controls and environment.

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Use Animation Purposefully

There are 3 reasons to use animations in the onboarding process:


  • Draw attention to elements to help the user progress
  • Feedback (positive reinforcement for an action taken, for example)

•             Concept of space (presenting new content without user feeling they are “leaving” the screen)

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Test, Test, & Test Again

User onboarding is first and foremost about the users themselves. Listening to and acting upon user reviews and feedback can help you identify points of friction in your onboarding process and improve them. Once you have enough data to discern patterns, try new things and test to see if users love or hate them.

Breaking Down Your Retention Rate to Identify Problems

Consider breaking your retention rate down into three sections. Doing this will help you identify why your users aren’t sticking with your app.

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