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Mid-Term Retention (4 weeks of app usage) Establish a pattern of usage. Are they using the app properly? Are there any barriers in the app that prevent users from achieving their goal?


  1. Long-Term Retention (After one month of app usage) Are your users relying on your app as a valuable, indispensable tool? How is it a part of their life?


One of the most effective ways to get users to rely on the product as an indispensable tool is simply to get them using it more than once with a seamless user onboarding process.

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Clearbridge Mobile’s UX/UI Designer, Shelly Jameer explains that effective user onboarding must convey value immediately, “Onboarding helps users understand the value an app can provide to them by showcasing the app’s key features, and how those features work. It gives users a quick glimpse of the purpose of an app, in order to show them that the app is worth their time.” She argues that you need to give users an excellent reason to stay, especially with heavy competition in the app market, housing products that have similar offerings. “Onboarding is a great way to show them that reason right from the start.”


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Mobile app onboarding is imperative for activating users, encouraging engagement, and reducing abandonment rates.

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