You see, when aman decides to dance naked in the market square, surely he will not escape the rough chanting or stoning from children. Aondoakaa danced naked at the market square and forgot to put on his pants while going home. His relation offcourse had to disown him. This is exactly what has happened to him. He cried more than the bereaved in the case of the president's sickness. He even taught his children to take the position of a liar in a situation like that anytime in their life time. Good decision by Mr Acting President. However, I still believe that the Special Duties position is bigger that an AONDOAKAA. A special advicer on MEDIA will do for him.

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Mr acting Presdnt even tried to give him a size...he would have been cut into pieces
When I saw the headline," Aondoakaa Removed", I thought he has been given a VIP treatment. I must confess that Jonathan was so lenient in that case. Aondoakaa has no conscience so it is still very dangerous to maintain a traitor as an ally. Jonathan should remove the kinds of Aondoakaa from his administration if he wants to be sincere with Nigerians.
Nice Post......


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