The removal of Aodoakaa is a welcome development in nigeria politics but he deserved to been remove totally from any thing that have to do with nigeria politics.If nigeria must fight a good fight on tackling corruption,then such people don't deserve to be in the political sector.He deserve to be handed over to the EFCC for his support and backing of those found guity of corruption and abuse of power.The sacking of Aodoakaa or his demotion should send a warnig or signal to all those that thinks corruption is part of nigeria politics to have a re-think because nigeria is on the verge of removing all those corrupted and bad polititiances from their various position .And all those who are guity of corruption and feel free because Aodoakaa has been their backup ,should be awere that any moment from now they will be brought to book.I wonder how Yar'adua is going to tackle corruption in nigeria when he has such a devil as his  AGF,well,we all thank God for answering our prayers. with this it shows that  God is on the verge of turnig things around in  this country.

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