Any man that removes c∅nd∅m during intercourse without his partner’s permission should be jailed — Lady advocates

A Nigerian Lady identified as Oge Nsimah took to her Facebook to advocate for a jail term for men who intentionally pull off condoms used for protection during sex without their partners’ permission.

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She revealed that it is fraud and wicked for a man to carry out such a bastardized act.

This is coming after the lady revealed that a friend is pregnant because her boyfriend pulled off the condom with her knowledge.

Here’s what she wrote;

“I seriously think this should be considered and signed into the law.

That act of someone removing a condom during s+x, without proper permission from their partner or knowledge should be punishable by a jail term.

It is a kind of invading someone’s privacy..its abnormal, it’s a fraud, A girl who got pregnant through this selfish act just called me a few seconds ago.

The worst and the most annoying part of it all is that the young man who’s responsible for it is telling her to go for abortion, saying he is not ready to father a baby…This guy must be very stupid”

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