Any Hope For Unemployed Graduates & Job Seekers in this Country

In Nigeria today, the unemployment rate is going at am alarming rate and the Government of the say are trying their best but most of the unemployed youths and Graduates are becoming very tired of tired of the situation.
Now, in this country, for you to get a good job, you need to know somebody somewhere that would just help you, or "connect you", Even with a good result.

This has resulted in the sorry situation we have in the country now, especially in the south eastern part,as insecurity, kidnapping, militancy, crime has been the order of the day. The people doing this activities are mostly Youths who do not have a decent Job, or any other thing to keep them busy, and as the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. If they are gainfully employed, then such as thing would not occur in the first in the first place.

Well, Government are trying to in their bid to remedy the unemployment trend, but they can also put in more effort so that we the Youths can get a fulfillment in life by getting s Job. Government should try to create more jobs, and create a stable economy that allows for Job creation, and Entrepreneurship.

For now, Graduates and Job seekers can continue their Job search at my blog at

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The problem with too many Nigerians is they always blame someone else and refuse to look at their own self, their own role in this national predicament. Yes, the various governments are a major cause of this massive unemployment but so also are the citizens.
There have been hundreds of examples of Nigerians living abroad or not in their own home town who start a small business in their own village. However, those that have been left in charge (quickly) steal all the money and products so the business goes bankrupt. No business = no job. No job = unemployment. If those who had been left in charge had shown integrity and been honest, they would have still had a job, plus others including their children could have had a job too. Others living abroad who have money to start a business hear of these things and now are put off from investing back home. I myself have seen this happen time and time again. So sorry to say this, unemployed folks, often you or your parents are to blame for your situation.
Furthermore, too many of these unemployed youths cheated at school and at university. So their certificates are just lies. If you are such a one, do you REALLY think that a Holy GOD will help you? Off course not! If you want, carry on being satan's disciple and go to him to continue illegally getting what you want in life – you know precisely where you will go after you die.
However, should you want to stop playing the fool, then there is much hope for you. Acknowledge your deceit, truly repent and ask the LORD to forgive you. You will have to make restitution (see Zaccheus who got rich by stealing but when he met JESUS and his heart got changed, ie born again, he himself said if he has taken anything falsely he shall restore it 4 times – he did not want to keep his ill-gotten goods when he became truly born again – read Luke 19: 1-10). Being honest like this may not be easy especially in a godless country like Nigeria, but Almighty GOD will be on your side, and HE has always taken back His lost sheep, and has strengthened and protected His own through all kinds of difficulties, and provided for them, so be brave.
Also, we live in a new technological world. Gone are the days when many people worked in fields etc and there was work for all. Now there is mechanisation. Machines and robots do much of the work and not humans. For example, in a shipping dockyard in Norway, work done by about 700 men is now being done by machines. The men are unemployed now and the firm only needs about 10 workers to switch the machines on and maintain them. So Nigerians, start looking at the number of children you want to have. If you have just one or two, they may both get a job. But, if you like, carry on having numerous children, you’re just breeding future thieves because there will just not be work for all. We are about 150 million in this land, do the calculations yourself to see whether the land can sustain an exploding population, not only in growing food, but in “jobs for all”.
I love Nigerians very much, but we MUST start thinking ahead, and we must STOP our own personal corruption, cheating and lying. Otherwise GOD will just leave the nation as a whole to the devil, but will continue to be with one here and one there who belongs to HIM, while the nation rots. We as a people cannot serve GOD and satan. We have chosen satan all this while and it has brought us misery, let us turn to GOD now and start placing value on integrity and sense of community.
1. Have you cheated to get your school certificate or degree? If so, you are part of the problem.
2. Are you a trader who sells the same product at different prices to different people? This is cheating! If you do, you are part of the problem.
3. Do you drive illegally? If you do, you are part of the problem.
4. Do you take bribes? If you do, you are part of the problem.
5. Do you give bribes? If you do, you are part of the problem.
6. Do you go begging for money, mostly lying, so that you can obtain money from the local rich chief? If you do, you are part of the problem.
7. Are you YOURSELF involved in frauds? If you are, you are part of the problem.
8. Do you lie and cheat so that your children will "get ahead"? If you do, you are part of the problem.
9. When you think up ways to make money, does it involve cheating others? If you do, you are part of the problem.
10. Do you secretly in your heart, wish you had the money and possessions that our corrupt leaders have? If you do, you are part of the problem.

Let's all work for a better Nigeria!


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