As reported by vanguard,killing a police inspector. Pls, Nigerians at home should start a protest that wil force FG to call for a REFERENDUM! We are tired of all these. Bcos if we keep quiet,it wil spread to our doorstep one day.

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How do you work it out with bombs around the discussion room?? Those guys are animals indeed. When asked, they'll tell it's not them but the imigrants enterin their state. Why not fish them out and prosecute them? Now i hear they re havin training camps here and there in their state. They're simply bunch of COWS IN HUMAN FORM.
good option. fish the people involved and prosecute. the father of a thief knws something about the child, the area people knws. the police and other forces knows. let the govt move to arrest the situation once and for all. if the govt could knw all the militants, there hideout and sent troops to even invade and destroy a whole community why cant they do same.


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