Please My Fellow Nigerians To Avoid The Anger Of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST To Fall In This Country We Must Stop Abusing The Name Of JESUS CHRIST. A News Came Up About The New Movie That Was Act As (THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST) Which Is The Easter Movie. But In That Movie They Turned JESUS And His Deciples To Homosexual Which Is Not Good. Please My Brothers And Sisters All I Want You All To Do Is To Help Me Spread This News To The World So That The President Of This Country Will Not Allow This Type Of Movie In This Country. Thank You All For Reading This... (GOD BLESS YOU ALL)...!!! *For Those That Created That Movie They Will Never Escape The Wrath Of GOD And His Anger*. GOD IS COMING SOON!!!

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What makes you think so?

The Corruptions In Nigeria MAKE ME THINK SO, Think About Soddom and Gomorra, GOD LOVE'S NIGERIA SO LET US DO WHAT GOD LOVE'S.


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