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How to Prioritize Features For Your Mobile App MVP

In mobile app development, a minimum viable product (MVP) is used to identify, validate, or invalidate the highest-risk assumptions about your mobile app. An MVP provides immediate value. This method of development allows you to test your product on the market and prioritize your product roadmap to expand your app based on user research iteratively.


It’s a complicated process determining what features will be the most valuable for current and future users. This post will break down how to identify the primary goal of a mobile app MVP and how to select the features that best support that goal.

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Other Considerations for Prioritizing Features

While you’re planning and prioritizing the features for your MVP, there are several things you need to keep in mind.


What does my user want vs. what does my user need?


Wants and needs are two very different things. Asking yourself this question will help you give thoughtful consideration to each feature and how it fits into the MoSCoW matrix. Implementing too many user-requested features too soon can harm the user experience and take away from the overall purpose of the product.

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Adjusting Your Roadmap Post-MVP

A product roadmap is central for guiding the strategic direction of your mobile app. A roadmap is not set in stone, rather it changes over time, especially in agile development. In fact, your product roadmap should be built to accommodate change.


Once you’ve launched your mobile app MVP, it’s time to start gathering user feedback and making iterations to your product roadmap based on your key performance indicators (KPIs).

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