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A product roadmap is essential for communicating the strategic purpose of your MVP and guiding each stage of development after you launch your product. The process is inherently iterative, and communication is a significant part of every step. Developing a comprehensive roadmap will help you and your team digest the data you receive from your MVP and make the best decisions moving forward.






Behind-the-Scenes as an App Developer at Clearbridge Mobile

Working at Clearbridge is a unique experience, one that many of us agree is an opportunity that cannot be passed up.

Mobile application development in Atlanta

What do you like about the projects you’re currently working on?


A: I love working on a project that hundreds of thousands of people use. The project I’m on right now is a media app, and it’s very interesting which keeps me engaged every day. The team I work in is very professional. Every member- from developers to upper management- has a common goal and works really hard to achieve it. Being a part of such a great team is motivating and I feel like I’m making an impact. I like to work in an educational environment where we all learn together, not just for my professional career but for my personal development as well.

Android app Development Atlanta

Do you take any courses or training programs?


A: We are always encouraged to take a course or attend a conference if it’s something we’re interested in. A few months ago, I attended an Android conference and it was an awesome experience. If I ask my manager, to go to a conference or training course, they’re always very supportive. There aren’t any restrictions on what you can and cannot do as the company is invested in helping you develop your skill set.

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