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as far as i am concerned,the level of desperation exibited by this andoakaa is unprecedented,and i think he is inhaling,or sniffing something that is not good,bcos a 13 year old can interprete the consitution more than him,attorney general my ass.
ts a theater of the absurd, and the AGF bis the lead comedian for the night. anyhow i guess the governors can govern from else where. recently a house of rep member who was about to start governing from the USA was refused entry and deported. na waoooooo
He is happy because he knows the impossibility of the "EFC", an extended arm of Yar'Adua signing to his inability to continue in office. However, let Aondoakaa know that he who makes constitutional change impossible will be a victim of unconstitutional/violent rampage.
the minister is just a man with his own interest

The Minister for Justice must go

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