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Very CON-(in)stitutional indeed.
I have not seen a judgement that is good or fair as this one.This is an evidence that we are repenting.People that are against this are praying that Nigeria should not move forward if Mr.President remains in Saudi Arabia till the end of his tenure.If it is,that should be a selfish interest.Let the vice president go ahead with the court's judgement.
Yes, really CON (in)stitutional to attack, twist and thwart constitution by our Con Leaders.
This our CONSTITUTION is becoming a personal CON-(in)stitutional.
The constitution of a country is supreme as it can get. But interpretation of its contents should not be by the imposition of views of some irresponsible groups of people in the seat of power. Andoakaa, the AGF sadly falls among the category. He is a double agent. He is a tool for the most corrupt Nigeria and also, a tool for the inept goverment of Musa. You are a public servant sir. Translation, you're a disgrace to your position. So, the honorable thing you can do sir is to resign from your post and encourage your boss to hand over effective immidiately. I forgot. Honor, is not your axiom of vocabulary. Fellow nigerian, petition your state legislator to impeach that embarassement of AGF. Move nigeria forward once again.
Thank you Gee for your on the money analysis of the AGF. Sometime ago, I wrote that he is a crook in wigs. I was vindicated by the placards I saw at the rally in Lagos the other day saying "Aondoakaa is attorney general of crooks". Resignation is honourable. He should be exiled from the country until futher notice. AGF my boot laces.
As one of those awarded with award of RADICALS, I am not surprise to read what AGF did because he become stooges to those in the corridors of power don't ask me why because I do not know who give him that notion and I don't know whose intergrity he is protecting other than that of his masters excluding our last man standing Mr. Vice President. To my understanding he is protecting the interest of those who are playing with God and if it is true then he will soon became history because he is not the first to do such bidding and failed others done that before, in fact if he is reading from history he suppose to remember that there is rainy day and it is around the corner. And to his masters I want them to guide their actions with the verses of Holy Books they take oath with, because no matter how long they stay in this complicated world, they are going to leave it.
The Minister for Justice must go
what a pity to nigeria,the world is making gerst of us our constitution has to be re-amend,becouse what i think they have there is for their owone selfish intrest God please come to our resque.
This Attorney General was installed specifically to roll back the progress Ribadu had been making in tracking down the governors of the OBJ era. Having accomplished that mission, he sees his fate as a minister as tied to Yaradua's continuation in office, no matter if the latter is in a coma 24 hrs a day. He is just there to serve himself first and then his masters. There is no public servant in Nigeria, they are all self-servants. Posterity will not forgive this aptly tagged AGF of crooks.
The Law is like a cobweb, too weak to catch the strong and too strong to catch the weak. The interpretation of the Nigerian Constitution has lately become a subject of misinterpretation when it involves the 'highlies'. However, when the case is the lowlies - it becomes crystal clear.
Why wont he hail the so called judgement When all he is only doing is to buy time for his AWOL master....


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