While applauding this gesture which I see as a good way forward and a departure from the norm, the critical question is; what efforts are the government at all levels doing to retain these health workforce? The
various government both at the federal, state and local level routinely dramatize
this recruitment of health workforce exercise to get the approval of the
people, yet do little to retain same.

Now you would ask, what does it take to retain healthcare personnel to deliver quality service?

It absolutely cost little in the real economic sense to retain a well motivated health workforce over time than to have continual attrition of health personnel due to poor management and strategic planning.

Over the years, health care personnel in Nigeria have complained of poor wage packages and unhealthy work environments as a major factor in the poor performance of the health system. Instead for the government
to address these vital issues, the government would routinely embark on endless
recruitment of personnel who will over time still leave the service to seek
greener pastures elsewhere. Coupled with this is the fact that most government
health workforce employment package does not come with clear opportunity for
routine training of the health worker.

In line with the current trends of rapidly developing technology in healthcare, it is imperative that government should see in house training of health care personnel as necessary strategic approach to health
workforce retention. Motivation of health workforce is also very important
measure that can be accomplished through recognition and reward for excellence
and quality service.

These measures would go a long way in checkmating health workforce attrition especially at the rural areas and improve the quality of service and patients outcome.

God bless Nigeria

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