I want to say that I am one of the admirers of the Comrade Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole for the massive transformation he has brought to the state in general and Benin City in particular. He has turned Benin city to a clean city in just the short period he assumed office. Congrats Comrade!

I do know that Benin City had been notorious for the uncultured attitude of her Traffic Wardens, who constituted themselves into nuisance especially when they see vehicles carrying plate numbers outside that of Edo State. They would stop you indiscriminately, jump into your vehicle and take you to their offices where they will subject you to harassment and extort money from you. The Police in Benin city are not exempt from this uncivilized practice.

But the recent addition of misrceants under the name of Ministry of Transport, Traffic unit task force has made a drive through Benin City a real hell for people with strange plate numbers in their cars.

I know the Governor is trying to create job for these group of people, but their activities in the city is too bad for the image of a State capital like Benin city. They are very hostile, discourteous, rude, violent and can even rob you in broad daylight when they get into your car.

My friends and I who went to Benin to attend a friends marriage on Saturday 24, September and some other travellers will never forget in a hurry what we suffered in the hands of these miscreants before God used a man in the Ministry of Transport office,off Sapele Road,where they took us to, to save us. The 'tugs' took us to the office with the thought that the man who saved us from them would not come to the office that day, being Saturday. They were shocked when they sighted the man and wanted to beat a retreat, but it was too late. When the man asked them why they 'arrested' us none of them could say anything. The man was furious and spoke of his frustration over the headache he was having daily from the attrocities of these miscreants.

Comrade Governor, do something about this menace before they rubbish the good work you are doing for your people.

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My brother it is not only in Edo State.  However, Governor Oshiomole should not allowed this to discredit his highly rated government.  They should be called to order.
Nice Post........


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