I recall that I was among those who persistently called for Amodu's removal as a National Coach as a result of the poor showing of the Super Eagles in the just concluded African Cup of Nations football fiesta.  I am grateful that, that call has been heeded by NFF and the presidental task force on football.  However I must not fail to register my displeasure over the consideration given to Eguavon and Amokachi to assit Lagerback instead of Amodu and Amokachi.  In as much as Amodu is not good enough to lead the Super Eagles to South Africa, Eguavon is not better.  Amodu should have been chosen to assist Lagerback with Amokachi, whom he has been working with all the while.  That treatment to Shuibu Amodu is to me great injustice.  He should have been compensented for all his efforts at qualifying Nigeria for South Africa 2010.  The preference of Augustine Egauvon over Amodu should be re-visited.  Amodu should not be cast to the dust bin of history.

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Am with you brother..... the guy has become a perennial scape goat....... who knows, whose turn it will be come 2014. Compensate Amodu now or we continue to live under the curse of Amodu.
Nice Post......


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