If you’d like to use a separate hosting server ideal for supporting many crowded websites, then the dedicated server is definitely for you. Provided with adequate CPU and RAM assets and adequate disk space and traffic quotas, it will bring real appeal for your world wide web existence.

At signup, you can select an Operating System for the dedicated server. You may pick from different Linux distributions – Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. On the sign–up form, select your desired version using the drop–down menu under Server Options. After you place your order, we’ll set up the server for you and will deploy your best preferred Linux release. We’ll also deploy our custom–built Web Site Control Panel free–of–charge.

Read more: https://ikpenistephen.net/linux-dedicated-servers/amd-1/

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Nice update bro. The article on CPU is great.

Meanwhile we have similar articles at OriginalSpecs Blog



The first rule you have to know before hosting, Is the right configuration of your router. It`s a really big problem to make a configuration of ports, ip, dmz, trigerring and so on. Just look here https://www.router-reset.com/default-password-ip-list/Netgear You can find various setups on many routers. With this server, I can host various servers for TP link and Asus routers.


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