Amazing!Nigeria to spend $8Million Dollars (12.8Billion Naira) to refurbish a warship

Amazing isn't?The minister of Defense should tell Nigerians the rationale or any economic/security sense in planning to spend $8 million Dollars (N12.8 billion Naira) to refurbish a war ship built in 1967 (44 years ago).Obviously,this ship has outlive it useful lifespan.If the American are saying this is a gift, then we need to have our head re-examined in what constitute a gift.Spending a whooping $8billion dollars (N12.8Billion Naira excluding cost of training crew members and fuel) in refurbishing a war ship built more than 4 decades ago is not tea party deal or a gift.In Nigerian parlance,this is “419” deal.
Even if this amount is considered as peanut by the federal government,Nigeria for the moment or in the nearest future is not facing any external aggression or security challenges.Instead of wasting this huge sums of money in refurbishing an abandoned,outdated and toxic waste war ship from America,the federal government should pay more attention to internal security and terrorism.Charity they say,begins at home.No nation can be great if it territory is not peacefully secured.
We need a stable,peaceful and infrastructural developed environment to stimulate direct foreign investments,get our industries working at optimum capacity to create jobs.Anything less than these priorities is recipe for disaster.The unrest in middle East and North Africa is a strong signal for the federal government to act with utmost sense of urgency to create enabling environment for investment,industrial growth and jobs creation.
We have traveled this road before and now is not the time to wobble in delivering the dividends of democracy to Nigerian citizens who have suffered many years under the oppressive rule of bad and short sighted leadership.Whatever might be the content of our defense pact with America,the federal government should keep everything on hold until we get our basic priority right.This is not the right time to spend N12.8Billion Naira on Tokunbo war ship.That money should be diverted to boost internal security.It’s a pity we have leadership that cannot differentiate between NEEDS & WANTS.Which is universally considered as basic economics theory.
The American will understand better if the minister of defense takes the pain to analyze the parlous state of our internal security.No country understand “INTERNAL SECURITY” more than the Americans.We simply don’t need a 44years old War Ship,by the way,what is the cost of maintaining this war ship?I don’t think our ministry of defense have factored in this cost before getting excited over a Greek gift!
Hmmm.... May God help Nigeria!

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That is arrant nonsense.  Is Nigeria not buoyant enough to buy one of the best warships in the world?  That is a way to siphon funds.  He should be called to order.


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