A people deserve the government they have, isn't that the saying? Yet I beg to disagree and plead that, that saying does not rest for long on the people of Oyo State for they certainly do not deserve the current government in the State.


A friend pointed my attention to the head of the present government in Oyo State's facebook page and I nearly fell off the chair laughing. My friend only wanted to confirm if it was true the governor attended the University of Ibadan, but (still laughing) I found out that the answer to the question was starkly displayed on his facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1021527546&ref=ts


I don’t want to be joined in the argument that perhaps he was not the one that created the page (doh! it's obvious he could not have done that) but he at least should check what was created for him. Oh like yesterday, I ask myself? This only corroborates stories making rounds that he does not and cannot vet official documents brought to his table to action, I mean if you are lazy in doing things that concerns you, how can you be diligent and hardworking in the affairs of others?


Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala who is from Ogbomosho, a Christian, looking for networking has a political view; politics. This just sums it all up, innit? Oh no wait, you can contact him at "[email protected]" but only if you have serious business of the state to discuss please.


Alarming enough, uncle Bayo has 5000 friends on his facebook page, only GOD knows what percentage of that number were his class mates or library buddies or "tirogo" buddies in the university of Ibadan when he was there studying       in the       department under the faculty of               . I don’t think I can recall seeing in the newspapers or even within the great UI where uncle Bayo was invited by the school or some departmental association to confer some "awards" on as we normally do to raise money in our institutions, maybe he was just ivory- towers- shy and would not like the publicity that would attract.


“Governor oyato olo run" (not my words but those of one of his colleagues when that fellow got to Ibadan and saw the mess and litter abounding in heaps around one of the main gateways to the state while almost stuck in a traffic hold-up), you did not attend UI as a student and the school authorities and students are just being civil with you by not raising a disclaimer. One would not then be surprised but ashamed that a state that gave one the budding start in the path to knowledge and education recorded the worst ever record in its history while this governor was in charge.


No, these people don’t deserve this kind of government.


PS: Please do prove me wrong that you were schooled at the University of Ibadan and I will not only issue an apology in a national newspaper, but will support your 2nd & 3rd term.

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